The Ashby Churches Team

Tim Phillips - Chair
Noreen Mewies - Secretary
Jean M Harrision - Treasurer
Jane Des Jardine - Team member

AshbyChurch.Org Advocates

Ashby Baptist Church: Martyn Jarvis
Ashby Congregational Church: Catherine Booton. Deputy: Ann Perry
Ashby Evangelical Church: Amy Cantwell
Ashby Methodist Church: Helen Cloke. Deputy: Sheila Neate
Holy Trinity Ashby: Jean M. Harrison
Our Lady of Lourdes: Jane Des Jardins
St. Helen’s Church: David Watson

“Job description” for advocates:
An advocate should be an enthusiastic communicator of the shared work of the churches. The role will involve attending 3 short meetings a year; at each there will be two short presentations on matters of interest, opportunity to share church news, discussion on relevant business matters and time to fellowship. The advocate will then be able to communicate back to their churches. One advocate is needed from each church, with a nominated deputy in case they cannot attend a meeting.