Magazine Article Submission Form

You can use this page to submit articles to the local church magazines. Only articles that have a strong local interest or are written by a local author will be forwarded to the magazine editors. Each church and editor is free to decide which articles are included. The magazines that we forward items to are below:
Within Ashby:
- Holy Trinity Ashby (Trinity Life)
[No Aug. Mag.]
- Ashby Baptist Church
[No Jan. Mag.]
- Ashby Congregational Church
- Ashby Evangelical Church
- Ashby Methodist Church (Bi-Monthly)
- St. Helen's Church
These churches do not currently have a magazine:
- Our Lady of Lourdes
- Ashby Methodist Church
Beyond Ashby:
- The Parish Times (Covering
Breedon, Griffydam, Isley Walton, Langley, Lount, Newbold, Scotland, Staunton Harold, Tonge, Wilson, Worthington)
- Griffydam Wesleyan Reform Church Magazine (weekly for members)
- Packington and Normanton Parish News
Please use the form below to upload your Word or PDF article.

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